Gas density switches



  • Gas density monitoring of closed SF6 tanks
  • For outdoor use
  • For high voltage switchgear

Special Features

  • Density switch with reference chamber and gas compensation.
  • Micro switch inside the reference chamber; without influence of atmospheric pressure change and altitude; no recalibration necessary


Working ranges
Permissible filling pressure:
11.0 barabs. / 20 °C
Maximum pressure of reference chamber:
7.5 barabs. / 20 °C
Minimum pressure of reference chamber:
4.0 barabs. / 20 °C

Permissible temperature ranges
Ambient: -40 … +80 °C (gas phase)
Storage: -40 … +80 °C

Alarm contacts / Contact rating
Up to four micro switches, to make or break as ordered, switching points non adjustable and secured
Contact rating: 5 A / 250 V AC, 50 Hz

Switching distance
Maximum switching point distance: 1.6 bar
Minimum switching point distance: 0.1 bar
Switching hysteresis: typical 0.1 bar , Switching point setting as per specification

Switching accuracy of reference contact
at 20 °C:             60 mbar
at -20 … +60 °C: 80 mbar

High-voltage test
2 kV, 50 Hz, 1s (wiring versus case)

Electrical connection
Cable box with cable gland M20 x 1.5
Connection cross-section max. 2.5 mm²

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